Johanna Poremba

Jun 2, 2020

1 min read


I walk outside to meet the scent of freshly fallen rain. The birds are singing loudly, feasting on tonight’s catch. It’s all so beautiful. Yet I see the world in a hue of blue.

I’m not talking about the way the overcast sky reflects color on this summer evening. I’m not talking about the fact that my entire outfit is blue, although the irony makes me sigh. I’m talking about the blue lens that filters this country.

The sadness. The loss. The grief. The misconception of the facts. The jumping to conclusions and picking sides based on passions. The noise and clutter that’s soiling a perfect opportunity for meaningful conversation, change, and growth.

I wish I could erase all the blue. I wish everyone could see the world from ALL angles, and not just a few camera angles. But this lens is seemingly permanent. Or should I say permeating… through generations and generations of grudges.

What does either side truly want? What do you need? Although I may never truly understand, what can I do to see you better? To help? Where are the leaders to guide us to a full spectrum of color?

You see, we’re all stuck here seeing the world in just one color.